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Product Description

The strength of the base and structure depends upon the level of protection provided to the building. The ingress of water from the basement, sewerage, roof, etc. is extremely harmful for the overall life of the building. The incorporation of correct water proofing system at the time of construction ensures the longer life of the building.

We offer all kinds of water proofing systems based on Bitumen, Cementitious, Acrylic, etc. in liquid and membrane forms that allow you to save your building from early deterioration and concrete repairs in early age of the building.


  • Foundations, Ground Floors & Split Slab
  • Car Parking Decks
  • Washrooms, Kitchen, Wet Areas, Underground and Overhead Tanks
  • New and Old Roof Substrates


  • Liquid application, thereby reducing detail problems
  • High build properties ensure rapid application
  • High elasticity ensuring a permanently flexible barrier over a wide range of temperatures
  • Thermal stability, Non-flammable, Excellent Adhesion
  • Thermal stability, Non-flammable, Excellent Adhesion
  • Adheres to concrete, metal, wood, cork and wide range of common building materials
  • Outstanding resistance to oxidation and brittleness
  • Resists the attack of salts that are present in the soil and underground water