Tiles add life to your home

Tiles add life to your home

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles have become an integral part of any home design. Not very long-ago natural stones, marbles, granites along with wood were mostly used to finish surfaces. These solutions although with benefits and aesthetics of their own could be costly and high maintenance. With the rapid improvement in the quality, the diversity in design and of course availability of tiles especially in the last 3 decades they have taken up the huge chunk of the finishes market. Nowadays tiles are available in sizes which are even larger than natural stones!

What Architects and home owners truly benefit from tiles is that they are low maintenance and if installed correctly you will not run into any problems for many years. Secondly the sheer variety that is available from in the market from locally produced to imported is enough to satisfy all types of tastes and budgets. Tiles are durable thus not only can they easily be used for interior flooring and bathrooms but also as exterior cladding of houses as well as patios, courtyards and car porches.

As all our aware due to the ongoing economic crisis the construction industry has slowed down. One of the key factors in its revival along with reforms will be the emergence of the local industry. Stile tiles is an established name and even in this recession they are bringing new local products at par with the imported ones through their new emporiums. The Institute of Architects, Pakistan has also used Stile tiles in the newly constructed auditorium at IAP House further endorsing the quality and reliability of their product.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage Architects, Interior Designers, Clients and all those involved in construction to encourage and promote our local products which will help give a much-needed boost to our building industry.

Ramiz Baig
Principal Architect – RBD Architecture and Interior Design Studio
Chairman – Institute of Architects, Pakistan – Karachi Chapter

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