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Product Description

STILE BOND is a high-performance cementitious mortar that is to be mixed with water or Latex 73 to fix ceramic tile, porcelain tile and natural stone, using thin-set method of installation. Latex 73 is specially designed for use with STILE bond for high strength, and resistance to water and frost. STILE bond is designed for interior and exterior installation of ceramic tiles and natural stone over wall and floor.


  • High-Tech sticking that holds the tile without slippage
  • Dual purpose, for wall and floor
  • 5 times stronger bond than Ordinary Portland Cement
  • Water cleanable and easy to use
  • Time saving – Less setting time
  • High strength, 200 times stronger than mastic type adhesive
  • No presoaking of tiles required
  • High water-resistance when mixed with Latex 73

Recommended Surfaces

  • Use over concrete, brick, block and cement plaster, marble, ceramic, and porcelain tiles
  • All surfaces should be structurally sound, clean of dirt, oil, and grease. Paint must be removed before use.