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Product Description

Stile Waterproof is a single component water based high quality liquid applied acrylic coating typically used for Waterproofing, Heat Resistance and UV Protection of concrete and metal surfaces. Stile Waterproof shows excellent flexibility, crack bridging and weather resistance under extreme conditions. It is easy to apply with the help of a Brush, Roller and Air Spray. Stile Waterproof can be applied with and without reinforcement. However, it is recommended to use with reinforcement fabric on old roofs, cracks and construction/cold joints.


  • Waterproofing coating on concrete, block masonry, plastered and metal surfaces.
  • Can be applied vertically and horizontally on exposed roofs and walls that are not supposed to receive any covering and have medium to high foot traffic.
  • Can be used at outer surface of water tanks to reduce temperature.
  • Provides excellent UV & Heat Resistance that allows roofs to remain cool on hot weather.