A space is defined by the experience it creates the emotions that invigorates through its design. A well designed space is therefore one that evokes emotional sensibility. These sensory invigorating environments can be achieved through material exploration and experimentation.

A beautiful space is not just aesthetically pleasing but is one that evokes experiential sensitivity. This sensitivity is created through a thoughtful creation of textures and materials. With the wide variety of materials available it is a lot easier to want to apply everything in a space, however, the quality of a space can only be brought about by doing more with less.

The choice of material plays an important role in the type of atmospheres that are created. A space can either be quiet or be sensory loud. A meditation room can be devoid of all colors yet emit a sense of peace and calm with its limited use of materials. While a contrasting black and white patterned floor set against vibrant colors can depict a space that wants to be loud and speaks of grandeur.

The sensory quality of a space can be explained in the selection of finishes one chooses for a single material. A roughened surface of a stone will feel different to walk on than a polished one. An oak wooden floor can represent a feeling of lightness whereas rosewood can make the space seem grounded because of its dark tone.

Similarly, the size of the material used can further enhance or subdue how a space feels. A tile can be placed in a grid, or a pattern that is either geometric or abstract. It can be cut in different shapes and in varying proportions. The laying can be done uniformly or in a rhythmic repetition of different sizes. Each of these will add a unique character to its surroundings.

The endless possibilities present in the application of materials help in creating meaningful spaces. It plays an integral role in designing experiential atmospheres.

Ar. Saad Shah
Lead Architect – Identity Design Studio

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