How to Improve the Outlook of Your Home with Tiles?

How to Improve the Outlook of Your Home with Tiles?

Offering you long-lasting tiles which can be installed on walls and floors of your living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, conference halls, offices, restaurants, exteriors, and bathrooms, without the worries of getting them polished, sealed or replaced. Available in many sizes, designs, and finishes, used for an entire room, decorative border, or a single feature wall – let’s explore ways to create a modern, stylish, and impressive aesthetic using tiles!

Why Choose Tiles?

Tiles give you added benefits compared to any other surface covering. They come in a variety of textures, styles and colours and give you the liberty to combine style with practicality. Ceramic or Porcelain, they will always maintain their colour and shine even when exposed to direct sunlight. Hygienic and stain resistant, you can just hoover, sweep or mop regularly with water, which means easy maintenance!

Tiles are an excellent choice for use in areas that are prone to getting wet such as bathrooms as they resist moisture and water. This also makes them especially hard-working as they then work superb in high traffic areas of your home such as the foyer or living room. More so, their scratch resistance makes them perfect for external use as well. So, forget marble flooring, hard-wood or natural stones and turn to tiles! They last a lifetime!

Transform Your Home with Tiles

Looking for inspirations to spruce up your living spaces? Follow through for a guide and ideas for using tiles to give your homes the style and décor of your choice!

Enhance Decor by Installing Glass Tiles

Stile’s Mosaic tiles offer you the same mesmerizing sheen and huge range of colour options that glass tiles do, except that they would be cheaper and easier to install! They are like the jewels of artistic home design ranging from bold shades of deep red to vibrant jewel-toned blues, tranquil mauve, and pristine white tones. There is so much to love about these beautiful tiles for cherished spaces in your home.

Create Spa Inspired Bathrooms

Spa – the ultimate place for some quality ‘me time’ – offers a tranquil retreat by relaxing in a calm setting that allows you to clear your mind at the end of a long day. So, when you’re looking to add value to your home, a beautifully styled, spa-like tiled bathroom makes the world of difference! When choosing bathroom tiles, natural stone or stone effect tiles are very aesthetically soothing materials to take into consideration. They are popular options as they add class and a sense of worth and value to your space. More so, anti-slip tiles are a must for areas of your home that are prone to getting wet or damp, especially if you have elderly people using those areas.

Upgrade the Heart of the Home

Yes, you guessed it right, your kitchen is the heart and the epicentre of your home. So, when it comes to the upgradation of your living spaces, you cannot leave the kitchen out of it. The walls, floor, countertop – you have a ton of spaces you can apply your creative juices to. From sophisticated styles to geometric designs, you can enhance your kitchen with patterned backsplashes or a rustic makeover with kitchen tiles. Minimizing the grout lines can add a seamless look.  Resistant to stains and chemicals, Stile’s kitchen tiles are easy to clean and give you the elegance of modern space and functionality that you require.

Give your Home an Elegant Look

Stile’s Modish Collection offers beautiful, versatile, and pleasing tile designs that are suitable for decorating your most special living spaces. Offering countless colours, various Stile tile designs mimic precious stones, crystals, and minerals that bring natural beauty into interior design and add an organic feel to exclusive home decorating.

Make a Statement with your Design

Talk about elegance, so tiles aren’t limited to block colours – there has been a rising trend of using designed ones, as well as creating ‘rugs’ on the floor using patterned tiles or replacing large paintings with scenic tiles. It retains the beauty and elegance of a painting or rug while adding to the convenience elements of tiles. While being easy to clean, scratch and stain-resistant, they will forever stay in trend.

Tiles for home improvement are your best bet when it comes to a budget-friendly and an efficient yet aesthetic change. Many home improvement tips require a complete shift in your home layout. A subtle yet striking tip would be to change the look of your tiles by just replacing your grout. It will give you a statement floor or wall in no time in an affordable budget.

Create your own Unique Style

A little-known styling tip is that tiles don’t always have to be installed horizontally. Trying different tiles layouts often comes out as a unique style that speaks to you and conveys your charm exclusively. Tiling techniques such as herringbone, horizontal block or vertical block help your wall stand out. Even just simply highlighting and differentiating areas of the home using contrasting tile designs can give a modern touch to your home. You can make a statement by designing your space with stunning tile designs and make striking patterns that convey your unique style.

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