Product Description

The detoriration of concrete is obvious in every kind of environment. The use of right method and right product for the concrete repair help to minimize the risk, cost and application time.
The selection of product is based upon the nature of work, life span of the building, budget and available time for repairing. Our range of products not only economical but also guranted for long life.

Product Detail

  • Epoxy Fairing Coat
  • High Build Epoxy Repair Mortars
  • General Purpose Epoxy Mortars
  • Manhole Benching Mortar
  • Crack Injection Systems
  • High Strength Micro Concrete
  • Fiber Reinforced, non shrink, repair mortar

Areas of Application

Filling of bug holes, minor imperfections and honey combsVertical and horizontal repairs and manhole benching etc.Industrial Floor repairing, bridge decks, concrete runways and pavementsAcid tanks, sea walls, sewage lining, chemical plants, service stations,machinery service area, warehouses etc.Repair of spalling, stair nosing, ramp, pillers, slabs, posts, dam aprons,spillways etc.


  • Provide dense, impermeable, water proof surface.
  • Excelent Chemicals, Corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  • Achieve early high strength
  • Excellent adhesion and cure under damp conditions.
  • Excellent resistance to sea water and sulphated waters.