Choosing The Right Tiles


A dream house is built once in a lifetime where a person spends his/her lifelong savings and imagine if the tiles you are using are of sub-standard quality or sold to you with false quality claims. Due to lack of product knowledge among sellers and buyers, it becomes very difficult or impossible to differentiate good quality from bad. All tiles appear the same on the surface but what is inside the body of tile is important and should be considered before making a final purchase call. Tiling is the last stage of finishing in every house and by that time you have already put all your money in building your home. As a result most of the people compromise on the tiles by purchasing cheap and low quality products which is further misguided by the contractor or mason.

The brand Stile by Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics limited is serving the nation for the last four decades focusing on high quality tiles and innovative products for its consumers. Our focus is to invest heavily on R&D to bring products which are the need of the time. Our Italian plant and experienced team of professionals are dedicatedly working to produce unique products with high quality as per the ISO standards.

It is important to understand that there are various products for different places you want to tile, and therefore, proper understanding of the below criteria is important.

Ceramic Tiles:

Preferred choice for all kinds of Walls like Bathrooms, Kitchen, feature walls, backsplashes and exterior walls.

Stile offers a wide range of unique and contemporary designs and colors to choose from. A glass coat layer on the surface of the tile makes it resistant to household chemicals and stains. Due to their high strength and high-quality surface glaze, Stile ceramic tiles are easy to clean and require low maintenance. Durable in nature, Stile tiles save your time and money as you will not have to re-install tiles after some time.

Porcelain Tiles:

Ideal choice for all kinds of flooring, hallways, patios, feature walls, balconies and other mid to high level traffic areas.

Tile with high strength and basic porcelain-based properties will solve your flooring issues but for that it is important to find a real porcelain tile in the market among all different imported and locally produced products. And to your surprise you will not find a single brand providing real porcelain tile in the market Except for Stile. STILE IS THE ONLY BRAND IN PAKISTAN PRODUCING REAL PORCELAIN TILE with water absorption of less than 0.5% which makes it stain resistant and durable for decades, therefore saving you a lot of money and hassle while keeping the aesthetics of the tile intact for a longer period as compared to that of other tiles available in market.

Vitrified Outdoor Tiles:

is the ideal choice for using in outdoor areas like car porch, pool side area and facias. Stile vitrified outdoor tiles have some unique features which makes them very popular among homeowners. They are easy to maintain compared to other type of tiles. When choosing vitrified outdoor tiles, naturally one gives priority to the color, size and looks. There high surface abrasion resistance quality makes them an ideal product for external use.

Stile offers a wide range of sizes, colors and designs in Ceramic and Porcelain tiles conforming to high quality standards of durability and aesthetic values.

  Modish Collection Signature Collection Elite Collection Vitrified Outdoor Tiles
           Benefits of Using Stile Tiles Wall Tiles Floor Tiles 24×24 24×48 16×16
9×36 12×24 16×32 24×24 Anti-Slip Granilia/Metalic
Unique designs
Real Porcelain tiles which  are durable
Water absorption (less than 0.5%) prevents from staining
Easy to clean and scratch resistant
Resistance to household cleaning agents
Slip resistant/ High Grip
Indoor use
Outdoor use
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