Tiles add life to your home

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles have become an integral part of any home design. Not very long-ago natural stones, marbles, granites along with wood were mostly used to finish surfaces. These solutions although with benefits and aesthetics of their own could be costly and high maintenance. With the rapid improvement in the quality, the diversity in design and of course availability of tiles especially in the last 3 decades they have taken up the huge chunk of the finishes market. Nowadays tiles are available in sizes which are even larger than natural stones!

What Architects and home owners truly benefit from tiles is that they are low maintenance and if installed correctly you will not run into any problems for many years. Secondly the sheer variety that is available from in the market from locally produced to imported is enough to satisfy all types of tastes and budgets. Tiles are durable thus not only can they easily be used for interior flooring and bathrooms but also as exterior cladding of houses as well as patios, courtyards and car porches.

As all our aware due to the ongoing economic crisis the construction industry has slowed down. One of the key factors in its revival along with reforms will be the emergence of the local industry. Stile tiles is an established name and even in this recession they are bringing new local products at par with the imported ones through their new emporiums. The Institute of Architects, Pakistan has also used Stile tiles in the newly constructed auditorium at IAP House further endorsing the quality and reliability of their product.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage Architects, Interior Designers, Clients and all those involved in construction to encourage and promote our local products which will help give a much-needed boost to our building industry.

Ramiz Baig
Principal Architect – RBD Architecture and Interior Design Studio
Chairman – Institute of Architects, Pakistan – Karachi Chapter

Tips for Using Tiles!!

Larger tiles can make a Small room seem Bigger:

A smaller room can appear larger with use of larger tiles as grout lines are less frequent with larger tile size. Size of up to 24 inches will work well in a small family room or in a very large bathroom.

Can Help a small Room Flow:

You can also help a small floor plan flow by using smaller size tiles. This is especially helpful if the spacing between the sink, toilet, and other features is compact. Smaller tiles will require less cuts, thus offering a more streamlined look.

Plank Tiles Add Depth and Texture:

Linear tiles, such as 9×36 inch and 6×37 inch planks, add depth to your room and come in a variety of styles. If you’re looking to add the brightness and warmth of a hardwood floor with the resiliency of tile, wood-look plank tiles are just what you need. Incorporate them in herringbone, corridor, and brick-joint patterns to give your floor a modern twist.

The Shape Will Impact a Room:

Instead of using traditional square tiles use unique patterns like diagonal style laying, which will make your room appear wider. For an extra-large room, you can also add a border of contrasting rectangular shaped tile to define the space you plan to use.

Selecting the color and design of the tile:

Small, dark coloured tiles tend to make a space feel small while large, light coloured tiles open up spaces and make them feel bigger.

Light, natural hues also act as a neutral backdrop for furniture and décor, and appeal to a larger segment of the market which is an important consideration when thinking about selling.
With this in mind, homeowners should opt for natural, light coloured tiles with Brushed cement, marble and stone effect porcelain are also currently much in vogue.

Selecting Bathroom tiles:

When choosing tiles for bathrooms specifically small size bathrooms use light colored bathroom tiles which will reflect light more than darker colors, creating an airy, spacious feel. Also using the same color wall and floor tiles can enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Selecting Kitchen tiles:

Consider the color of your kitchen units and surroundings when selecting tiles for your kitchen. Colors like ivory, beige and brown as floor color options can contribute to creating an impression of warmth.

Keep the maintenance in Mind:

For bathrooms and kitchen walls it is recommended to use the ceramic wall tiles in matt or glossy finish as bathrooms are high moisture areas and the moisture and stain resistant property will keep them going for a longer period.

For flooring it is recommended to use polish or matt porcelain tiles due to their low water absorption property of less than 0.5% which provides strength, stain and scratch resistance to your tiles thereby saving you precious time, hassle free maintenance and durability.

Choosing The Right Tiles


A dream house is built once in a lifetime where a person spends his/her lifelong savings and imagine if the tiles you are using are of sub-standard quality or sold to you with false quality claims. Due to lack of product knowledge among sellers and buyers, it becomes very difficult or impossible to differentiate good quality from bad. All tiles appear the same on the surface but what is inside the body of tile is important and should be considered before making a final purchase call. Tiling is the last stage of finishing in every house and by that time you have already put all your money in building your home. As a result most of the people compromise on the tiles by purchasing cheap and low quality products which is further misguided by the contractor or mason.

The brand Stile by Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics limited is serving the nation for the last four decades focusing on high quality tiles and innovative products for its consumers. Our focus is to invest heavily on R&D to bring products which are the need of the time. Our Italian plant and experienced team of professionals are dedicatedly working to produce unique products with high quality as per the ISO standards.

It is important to understand that there are various products for different places you want to tile, and therefore, proper understanding of the below criteria is important.

Ceramic Tiles:

Preferred choice for all kinds of Walls like Bathrooms, Kitchen, feature walls, backsplashes and exterior walls.

Stile offers a wide range of unique and contemporary designs and colors to choose from. A glass coat layer on the surface of the tile makes it resistant to household chemicals and stains. Due to their high strength and high-quality surface glaze, Stile ceramic tiles are easy to clean and require low maintenance. Durable in nature, Stile tiles save your time and money as you will not have to re-install tiles after some time.

Porcelain Tiles:

Ideal choice for all kinds of flooring, hallways, patios, feature walls, balconies and other mid to high level traffic areas.

Tile with high strength and basic porcelain-based properties will solve your flooring issues but for that it is important to find a real porcelain tile in the market among all different imported and locally produced products. And to your surprise you will not find a single brand providing real porcelain tile in the market Except for Stile. STILE IS THE ONLY BRAND IN PAKISTAN PRODUCING REAL PORCELAIN TILE with water absorption of less than 0.5% which makes it stain resistant and durable for decades, therefore saving you a lot of money and hassle while keeping the aesthetics of the tile intact for a longer period as compared to that of other tiles available in market.

Vitrified Outdoor Tiles:

is the ideal choice for using in outdoor areas like car porch, pool side area and facias. Stile vitrified outdoor tiles have some unique features which makes them very popular among homeowners. They are easy to maintain compared to other type of tiles. When choosing vitrified outdoor tiles, naturally one gives priority to the color, size and looks. There high surface abrasion resistance quality makes them an ideal product for external use.

Stile offers a wide range of sizes, colors and designs in Ceramic and Porcelain tiles conforming to high quality standards of durability and aesthetic values.

  Modish Collection Signature Collection Elite Collection Vitrified Outdoor Tiles
           Benefits of Using Stile Tiles Wall Tiles Floor Tiles 24×24 24×48 16×16
9×36 12×24 16×32 24×24 Anti-Slip Granilia/Metalic
Unique designs
Real Porcelain tiles which  are durable
Water absorption (less than 0.5%) prevents from staining
Easy to clean and scratch resistant
Resistance to household cleaning agents
Slip resistant/ High Grip
Indoor use
Outdoor use

Ambiance with Stile

How to create an ambiance with Stile in a cost-effective way.

(Expert Advice by Munnaza Mansoor)

Are you looking for living room decorating ideas after recently moving? Or, is your current living room looking a little lackluster? If you feel the impulse to clear everything out and start from scratch, then stop for one moment before you do anything dramatic and expensive. Sometimes, all a living room needs is one carefully considered key element to pull the space together. Getting this right is a whole lot easier than redesigning every single detail of your living room. So, here is an innovative living room decoration idea to help you put your interior design woes behind you.

If money woes has you vacationing at home this season, now’s a great time to tackle some of the updates you’ve been putting off. Let’s start in the living room — after all, it’s where you gather with family and friends and often the first room people see when entering your home.

Today, we have a 12*14 living room that is the minimal size for any living room and we have to create an ambiance in a cost-effective manner to give the room a grand look. Good thing is that we have Stile collection with us to decorate the living room in the liveliest manner without overburdening our wallet.
For a small room like this, we have to use a combination of tiles in very subtle colors like light beige & ivory shades. To create life, rhythm and balance, we have used the customized product of Stiles to bring life to the floor.

A focal point in the living room will anchor its occupants to the space. A focal point can be a beautiful view out a large picture window, a peaceful fireplace, or a beautiful piece of art. It is important that your living room is not cluttered, or the focal point will get lost in the mess. For example, we have made a focal point that is the carpet on the floor.

It is the most cost effective medium to enhance the ambiance by using Stile. For example, if you see this tile at first glance, nobody will be able to recognize if it is an actual piece of carpet or a tile.

  • Benefits of using Stile prints tiles on floor instead of real carpet:
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Very close printed colors
  • Dust/Allergy proof
  • Completes living room’s look
  • Enhances beauty of the room

Now we will select the furniture according to the tiles. Arrange living room furniture so that those seated in the room will have a clear view of each other and the entertainment center. Pulling seating pieces away from the walls will also make the space more inviting. And when selecting furniture, it wise to choose furniture that doubles as storage and a media center that can quickly be closed to hide bulky or unsightly electronics.

If we see at the walls of the room, instead of painting them, we have replaced it with tiles that has made the wall

  • Easy to Clean
  • East Maintenance
  • Textured Wall

Proper lighting treatments in a living room exemplify glamour and luxury. It is best to layer lighting so that there is a proper distribution of illumination.

Like the cherry on top of the cake, we have introduced this printed tiles painting on the wall that has completed the overall look of the wall. This technique is best for those who cannot afford expensive paintings by replacing it with painted tiles. This can make a featured wall with such vivid colors that were very close to the reality.

This technique of replacing expensive wall paints, paintings and floor with affordable Stile products is surely a winner for you that will make your living room look more lively and welcoming under a budget and with a long lasting durability.