Bond & Grout

Bond & Grout

Product Description

Adhesives & Bonding Agents are commonly used to provide a strong bonding between new and old concrete, tiles, cementitious slabs, etc. Adhesives & Bonding Agents are also used to concrete repair, fresh concrete toppings to hardened floor slabs, granolithic floor toppings, etc.

Product Detail

  • Multi-purpose adhesive & bonding agent
  • SBR bonding admixture
  • Acrylic bonding admixture
  • Epoxy bonding agent
  • Waterproof tile adhesive
  • Flexible waterproof tile adhesive
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive

Areas of Application

  • Bonding of sealing of gypsum, cementitious and repair materials
  • Bonding agent for internal renderings, floor toppings, key plaster, cement screed, etc.
  • Ideal for swimming pools, water storage tanks, fountains, etc.
  • Used to prepare polymer modified floor screeds, bonding slurries, thick
  • Bed mortar for setting tile, bricks, marble, stones, and ceramics.
  • Used to bond fresh to old concrete.


  • Improve abrasion resistance to the finished surface when incorporated in mortar mixes.
  • Improve the adhesion of cement paints and in particular to sulfate bearing brickwork.
  • Improves bond strength, increase compressive, flexural, and tensile strength of cementitious systems
  • Provides water-impermeable mortars, slurry concrete, renders, etc.
  • Increases weather resistance and wear against high-frequency traffic.
  • Non-Flamable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Excellent adhesive for bonding steel, ceramic, wood, concrete, and most construction material.
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