Archi talks with Hussain Jesserwala

• What did you want to become when you are a child? What motivated you to become an architect?
I always wanted to be an artist as a child. The child still in me wants to be an artist, therefore I enjoy the process of design through drawings, illustration and sketches. My mother and my school art teacher who has influenced me a lot in schooling days.

• What made you to change your career interest?
As we have a family business of iron rod and father’s business in construction, my mother and my art teacher decided to combine my passion/interest to our family business background. I think it has worked out great for me.

• What is one memory you have from childhood?
There are definitely many but sketching and making stuff with hands in my art classes were best memories from school days.

• What kind of projects were you doing when you first started as an architect?
When I graduated from IVS, I started working with Architect Tariq Hasan, just after two months we were fortunate to be invited for a Housing project competition by my community “Dawoodi Bohra” at Hyderi, which we won also.

• Would you say architecture is a field for everyone?
If you are passionate about architecture then definitely yes, but keep in mind that it’s also known as “Architorture.”

• What was your favorite project and what did you do to make a success?
The Housing competition project we did in Malir for my community with Architect Saifullah Sami in 2016. The idea of sustainable living and creating an environment on the bases of how we as Bohra community live together, with concept of 4 meems that is Masjid, Madrasah, Manzil and Mujhtama.

• How many projects can you expect to be working at once?
Ideally I would prefer to be working on 7 project at once but as I have recently started my own design firm, so I have to handle more than that.

• What style architecture do you love most?
I would suggest not to fall in love with any style but as I have studied in Italy I enjoy Baroque.

• Are you enjoying your profession? If yes then why?
Definitely yes, Building own in creativity and see other human being to experience it or occupy it, is definitely an amazing feeling.

• What’s the best thing about your life right now?
Technology, it has given us immense power of knowledge and learning new ideas with so much ease.

• What is the one thing that you are proud of?
Being a master of my own time, and that came after starting my own design firm called “Mitra”, which I am very proud of.

• What is your message for young Architect?
Talent won’t get you anywhere but consistency, discipline and habits will definitely make you successful in wherever field you are. Being an Architect isn’t about making beautiful buildings. Architecture is a design field in which you have to solve problems for human beings.

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