Archi Talk with Waleed Durani

• What did you want to become when you are a child? What motivated you to become an architect?
I never had a profession decided as a child but I always wanted to be an inventor.

• What made you to change your career interest?
Getting to know the details of Architecture and how architects literally shape the world was enough to lure me in this field.

• What is one memory you have from childhood?
As a kid I used to make Garden houses at my grandparents’ house. That reminds that I always had an architect in me.

• What kind of projects were you doing when you first started as an architect?
I was involved in the design of an institutional building with one of my greatest mentor Ar. Laiq Ali Abbasi.

• Would you say architecture is a field for everyone?
Is Architecture a field of everyone’s interest? Yes, but is Architecture a field for everyone to take as a profession? I would say no.

• What was your favorite project and what did you do to make a success?
My favorite project till now is SZABIST Gharo Campus because I’ve been involved in all the phases of the project and worked with all the concerned personnel and departments to make it a success.

• How many projects can you expect to be working at once?
At the moment I’m working on 4 projects. But I think this number will increase with time and experience.

• What style architecture do you love most?
Byzantine Architecture. Monumental structures, exquisite details & calculated masses exhibits the intellect and eternal greatness of its era.

• Are you enjoying your profession? If yes then why?
Yes I do. Because every day there’s a new challenge that pushes my limits making me a better professional.

• What’s the best thing about your life right now?
My parents. Seeing them being proud of me and my work is the most valuable thing ever Alhumdulilah.

• What is the one thing that you are proud of?
I’m proud of the trust of my team members and clients that I can get the job done in the given time.

• What is your message for young Architect?
Don’t expect everything at once. Have a bigger picture in mind and paint it one stroke at a time. Everything takes time.

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