Archi Talk with Rameez Soomro

• What did you want to become when you are a child and What motivated you to become an architect
I was inspired by my uncle who was a civil engineer, as I grew up I got to learn a lot from him, later on I discovered that my interest is more towards the planning & designing of spaces instead of execution, hence I decided to choose architecture as a profession.

• How many projects can you expect to be working at once?
Usually I’m working on multiple projects at a time, one can be an on-going project which I have to co-ordinate and the other can be a proposal for a new one.

• What was your favorite project and what did you do to make a success?
I take equal interest in all the projects that do, so it’s hard for me to call one of them as favorite.

• What style architecture do you love most?
I’m personally inspired by Habib Fida Ali’s work and Love the modernist approach

• Are you enjoying your profession? If yes then why?
We get to learn something new every day, we have new set of challenges, new tasks. We don’t have those same old boring routines like corporate sector, and that’s something that makes this profession so attractive to me.

• What is the one thing that you are proud of?
I believe being proud of yourself kills your tendency to learn, one should always thrive for excellence instead of involving in self-praise.

• What is your message for young Architect?
If it isn’t your passion, change it right away! Architecture is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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