Ambiance with Stile

How to create an ambiance with Stile in a cost-effective way.

(Expert Advice by Munnaza Mansoor)

Are you looking for living room decorating ideas after recently moving? Or, is your current living room looking a little lackluster? If you feel the impulse to clear everything out and start from scratch, then stop for one moment before you do anything dramatic and expensive. Sometimes, all a living room needs is one carefully considered key element to pull the space together. Getting this right is a whole lot easier than redesigning every single detail of your living room. So, here is an innovative living room decoration idea to help you put your interior design woes behind you.

If money woes has you vacationing at home this season, now’s a great time to tackle some of the updates you’ve been putting off. Let’s start in the living room — after all, it’s where you gather with family and friends and often the first room people see when entering your home.

Today, we have a 12*14 living room that is the minimal size for any living room and we have to create an ambiance in a cost-effective manner to give the room a grand look. Good thing is that we have Stile collection with us to decorate the living room in the liveliest manner without overburdening our wallet.
For a small room like this, we have to use a combination of tiles in very subtle colors like light beige & ivory shades. To create life, rhythm and balance, we have used the customized product of Stiles to bring life to the floor.

A focal point in the living room will anchor its occupants to the space. A focal point can be a beautiful view out a large picture window, a peaceful fireplace, or a beautiful piece of art. It is important that your living room is not cluttered, or the focal point will get lost in the mess. For example, we have made a focal point that is the carpet on the floor.

It is the most cost effective medium to enhance the ambiance by using Stile. For example, if you see this tile at first glance, nobody will be able to recognize if it is an actual piece of carpet or a tile.

  • Benefits of using Stile prints tiles on floor instead of real carpet:
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Very close printed colors
  • Dust/Allergy proof
  • Completes living room’s look
  • Enhances beauty of the room

Now we will select the furniture according to the tiles. Arrange living room furniture so that those seated in the room will have a clear view of each other and the entertainment center. Pulling seating pieces away from the walls will also make the space more inviting. And when selecting furniture, it wise to choose furniture that doubles as storage and a media center that can quickly be closed to hide bulky or unsightly electronics.

If we see at the walls of the room, instead of painting them, we have replaced it with tiles that has made the wall

  • Easy to Clean
  • East Maintenance
  • Textured Wall

Proper lighting treatments in a living room exemplify glamour and luxury. It is best to layer lighting so that there is a proper distribution of illumination.

Like the cherry on top of the cake, we have introduced this printed tiles painting on the wall that has completed the overall look of the wall. This technique is best for those who cannot afford expensive paintings by replacing it with painted tiles. This can make a featured wall with such vivid colors that were very close to the reality.

This technique of replacing expensive wall paints, paintings and floor with affordable Stile products is surely a winner for you that will make your living room look more lively and welcoming under a budget and with a long lasting durability.

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